Planetwater research site is in development. The breadth of research related to water on this planet far exceeds what can be expressed on this (or any) website. Discussions below draw upon some among many interests, ranging from introductory through advanced levels. At this time the research site is not well developed, with discussions at different levels "mixed together". We are collecting and sorting, trying to make this part of Planetwater become an educational as well as research site.


°  The Arctic

    AIM, theory and modeling

    AOMIP models intercomparison

    3 posters from Bjerknes Centenary: Climate Change in High Latitudes

    Is Arctic sea ice rapidly disappearing?

    Impacts of possible climate change in the Arctic

    Arctic change: what changes and what doesn't

° Climate change

°  The global ocean conveyor

°  Ocean subgrid representation

   View a talk-- "California Currents of the Arctic, and elsewhere"

   Entropy, key to missing physics

   Mixing processes

   View a poster -- "Differential mixing, theoretically"

   View a lecture-- "Moments of probable seas: classical to statistical ocean dynamics"

°  Water on other worlds



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