Water is the driver of Nature

Leonardo da Vinci

Planet Earth was misnamed. Water covers most of the surface of the planet. Occuring abundantly as liquid, solid and gas, water uniquely defines and governs this planet. Transporting and transforming heat while changing how the planet reflects sunlight, water controls climate. And water is essential to life (as we know it).


Therefore, Planet Water

Water touches all life on earth. How does it touch you? Do you know where your water is supplied from? Do you know where your waste water goes? Every one of us influences the hydrologic cycle by the way we use this precious resource. Our activities can create or correct imbalance in the hydrologic cycle, affecting the quantity and quality of water resource for ours and future generations.


This website is a bridge. On one side we describe research, as scientists study how water governs this planet. On the other side we work for water stewardship on and near Vancouver Island, Canada. Our goals include outreach and education.